Finally, a business texting service for teams.

Your customers demand texts instead of phone calls. Only 4.8% of voicemails are being opened. You need a system built around sharing the responsibility of texting with customers with your whole team.

Hoptree is the shared business text number you need.

Hoptree is trusted across many types of businesses

Heating & Air – HVAC





Personal Trainers



Auto Dealerships


Mortgage Brokers

Insurance Agents

Financial Advisors



Dry Cleaners





Personal Shoppers

Home Delivery

Is Hoptree the right text solution for you?

Give Your Customers What They Want

The connected generation wants to stay informed – but don’t call them.



Texts are Opened

Texts are opened 98% of the time while email is only opened 22% of the time.


Opened in 3 minutes

Texts are opened in 3 minutes or less 90% of the time.


More Effective

Communicating via text is 240% more effective than a “quick phone call.”

A Feature Rich Texting Service

  • Create templates to have consistent messaging
  • Use on a Desktop browser or mobile app on Android and iPhone
  • Batch messaging to text several contacts at once
  • Send and Receive photos (MMS) when needed
  • Keeps your conversations for a minimum of 7 years

And many more features…

Tips & Use Cases for using Hoptree

Batch Text Appointment Reminders

Batch Text Appointment Reminders

One of the things our clients LOVE about Hoptree is how easy it is to send appointment reminders using our batch messaging feature. Not only is it easier and faster than making phone calls; but our system allows your customers to respond to you and adjust appointments easily if needed. Say, “farewell” to appointment scheduling phone tag! To illustrate this, we will use the example of...

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0 / Anne Parker Huret / Jun 28, 2017
Why texting with Hoptree works

Why texting with Hoptree works

We hit a milestone with Hoptree – over 25,000 SMS messages sent! As part of our celebration, we spent some time this week reflecting on what is working for the businesses using Hoptree. Since we text with them, we often hear more from them and are able to respond quickly to any needs or questions they have.  So, what are our clients doing with Hoptree?...

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0 / erik / May 24, 2017
Managing Property and Texts
Use Cases

Managing Property and Texts

The first place I ever saw the real estate world was from a car seat in the corner of my Dad’s property management office. As a young child, I remember watching him handle maintenance requests and working with owners. There was always something going on, another crisis to coordinate and handle.  By the time I was 18 I was in the office as an employee...

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0 / Anne Parker Huret / May 17, 2017

Ready to get started? Setting up your business on Hoptree takes less than 10 minutes and there is no long term commitment!