Helpers – How do they work?
04 Feb 2017

Helpers – How do they work?

As we started Hoptree, we quickly found the need to declare who amongst the team using a single text number would be helping a specific customer.  We created a notion of Helpers – one or more people assigned to a customer for a period of time.  Let us explain more of how Helpers work.

Helpers are key in Notifications which are explained in another post.

Helpers in a Conversation View

When you are in a conversation with a Customer, you can see who is assigned as the helper to that customer by looking in the upper right of the conversation view.  There you will see one of three icons.

  1.  The Orange Tag with an exclamation point.  This tag means that no one is listed as a Helper.  If this is a new conversation, it may mean someone needs assigned.  You can click this tag and add yourself as a Helper.
  2. The Teal Tag with a person on it.  This tag means you are listed as one of the Helpers for this Customer. You can click on this tag and say you are done as a Helper or see who else is helping.
  3. The Black Tag with a person on it. This tag means that there is at least one Helper assigned, but it is not you.  You can click this tag and quickly see who is listed as a Helper and add yourself to the list if you like.

If you are a Dispatcher or Admin and want to assign a customer to someone else, you have to click on the Customer View to do so.

Helpers in the Customer View

In the Customer View, Helpers are declared and Dispatchers or Admins can assign themselves or others while Agents can assign themselves.

More than one Helper can be assigned to a Customer. This is particularly helpful when you have several staff trying to help a customer. Some examples could be a HVAC technician (as an Agent) and a Dispatcher or a real estate Listing Agent and Selling Agent separately working with a single customer.  We know there are many reasons you work together to assist Customers – and we wanted to support this teamwork through providing the ability for more than one Helper.

Helpers are listed at the Customer level – meaning that when you are assigned as a Helper to a Customer you are assigned to all Contacts for that Customer.

Helpers In the Dashboard View

Those Customers you are helping is the primary view in the Dashboard.  This should make it easy to drive into those conversations which you are working on.


Other Views of Helpers

In the list of Customers, you can see how many Helpers are helping a Customer.

In the Staff view, you can quickly see who a staff member is a Helper of:

Lifecycle of Helpers

Helpers currently are assigned until they are manually removed. In some cases, like the real estate example, a listing agent may be assigned as a Helper to a customer for over 6 months. In the case of a Financial Advisor role, they could be assigned to a customer for years. We also know there are other cases where a Dispatcher may assign themselves for just a few minutes. We intended to try to support all of those interaction patterns so right now all assignments are manually added and removed.


Have ideas on how to make Helpers even better?  We want to hear!  Contact us!