Staff User Roles
04 Feb 2017

Staff User Roles

Inviting your staff team to Hoptree is crucial to unlocking what it has to offer. By doing so, your team can communicate as one organization to your customers and to each other. No more texting with individual phone numbers and losing collaboration or visibility.

In Hoptree, there are three user roles: Admins, Dispatchers, and Agents. Once you have added a staff member, you may invite them to join or you could simply have them in the system to more easily send them texts from Hoptree. To help you understand the role distinctions, here is an explanation of how they are intended to operate.

Note: Only the staff members that you send an invitation to will be able to sign in and use it. These invitations are what we keep track of for your subscription.


These are administrators of a business with a subscription to Hoptree. Whoever completed the enrollment process with Hoptree is automatically an admin. Part of their role is to declare their staff members and invite them to join (including other admins if they wish). Admins can do everything that a dispatcher or an agent can do. That means they can send text messages, as well as import, manage, and help customers. In addition to this, admins can manage the staff team and they have the unique ability to modify all of the company data, including templates, office hours, auto responses, and subscription or account level functionality. Another important facet of the admin role is that when all staff members are marked as ‘offline’, admins will still see notification badges from unread messages in Hoptree.



Dispatchers are often a company’s primary messengers in Hoptree. While dispatchers cannot do all of the business level management that an admin can do, they are able to send texts to customers and staff, as well as manage the availability of the company’s agents. Think of a small or medium sized local HVAC company. Dispatchers at this company would often be the staff that are stationed at an office fielding requests from customers and coordinating that with the field service agents or technicians. With Hoptree, they can manage all of their customer and staff text messages in one place, with visibility for everyone on the team.



These are the staff members that are most likely out in the field working directly with customers. This could be field technicians, customer representatives, or another kind of field agent. Agents that have been invited to use Hoptree can add, help, and send messages to customers as well as see relevant notifications about those they are working with.



Auditors are staff members who won’t be sending messages to the customers but want to be able to look in on what is happening with customer conversations.  They can search and archive conversations.  They can set up keywords to be notified if something wrong was said or sent.  This role is crucial to many of our customers who are in industries like Financial Services or are using Hoptree for customer service across a company.


Marketer Role

The Marketer role can send Campaign Messages and add/remove Campaign Groups.  While Dispatchers can add people to the Campaign Groups, the addition and removal of Campaign Groups are managed by the Administrator and Marketer roles.