How Notifications Work
04 Feb 2017

How Notifications Work

How you get notified of new messages is critical to responding well to customers. Here we will discuss how notifications work across Hoptree. But before you read more of this, you should know that the first key is to become available.  Please check out our pointers on office hours and availability if you aren’t sure how this works…

Notifications in the Web Browser

First, we will start with where you can be notified within the web browser that new messages occured.  There are two types of notifications, badges and bold type.  


Badges are the little numbers in orange circles throughout the application which help you to know there is an action. Badges indicate messages that are destined for you in your role. If you are an Admin or Dispatcher, these could be customers that have no Helper assigned, customers in which you are the Helper, or Staff messages. (more explanation of Helpers here) There are two places in which badges will occur for new messages.

  1. Sidebar message badges – This is the total number of messages for your attention.
  2. Customer and Staff tab badges of Messages page – These tabs contain the number of messages from either customers or staff. 

Bold type

Bold typed customers and messages indicate that you have not read messages on that thread. There are two places in the web console that indicate bold type.

  1. Message conversations – From the Messages-> Customers or Messages->Staff view, if a conversation contains messages you have not read, the text of the thread will be bold.
  2. The dashboard shows the conversations that in your role you should have an interest in.  Any of those threads that have unread messages will be listed in bold type.

These unread messages may be from a customer or other staff members. This is why the best view is often the Dashboard view of messages because the activity on customers you are not helping will show up bold even when it requires no action on your part.

Determining whether a message results in a notification

Sometimes messages will not result in notifications. When the staff member is viewing a thread where an incoming or outgoing message happens, the message will not result in a notification.  When the staff member is listed as “Unavailable”, badges will not happen.  There are three cases where the staff member is online and will receive a notification:

  1. The message does not come from a known customer and the staff member is a Dispatcher.
  2. The message comes from a customer with no Helper listed as available and the staff member is a Dispatcher.
  3. The current staff member is a Helper on the customer that sent the message.