Import your Customer List – How to Tips!
10 Feb 2017

Import your Customer List – How to Tips!

We wanted to give you an easy way to grab your customers and import them to Hoptree.  Let’s get started!

STEP 1: Export Your Customer Information to a CSV

Most contact management systems have an option to export your contact information.  Export customer information to a CSV file.

Tip:  In some contact management systems, you might have to select contacts to see an option to export as a CSV.  


STEP 2: Merge or Edit Your Data into our format

Using a spreadsheet program like Excel,  open your exported csv file and the file attached below.  

Download the Sample CSV


Before you start copying your data over – here are some things to note.  

Things to note:  

1. A customer can have multiple contacts per customer.  In Customer Id #1 & 3, I wanted to load Amy Smith as a contact for my customer Mike Smith.  

TIP:  This can be used if housekeeper or other family member is an additional contact that might be receiving text messaging for that customer.  

2. A customer can have multiple addresses.  In Customer #2,  I loaded Peter Johnson with his home address and his vacation address.  

3. A customer can have multiple address and contacts.  In Customer #3,  I needed to load multiple contacts for Taylors and the mother in law address as a reference.   



Now copy the fields from your contact system to the hoptree document.  


Tip.  If your customer names or addresses are combined in one field you can use a “text to column” to separate.    


Tip: Sort the data by name and make sure are spelled accurately and consistently. For example, Mike Smith and Michael Smith  create separate accounts.

Tip: Ensure that there is only one phone number per field and it is the mobile number.  

Save this file as a CSV. Ensure you save the document as as CSV file.  Go to File> Save as  and ensure that the file format is Comma Separated values (.csv).

STEP 3: Upload the document to Hoptree

Once you are done copying your customers into the hoptree template.  Login to Hoptree and go to Customers.  

Tip: Only administrators have access to upload customers.


On the top right navigation you can see Import.  Select Import.    

Browse to your saved csv document.  Select Upload.

STEP 4: Wait for email confirmation

Hoptree will send you an email with  confirmation that your upload was successful or if there were any failures.  Good luck and happy texting 🙂

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