Office Hours and Availability
04 Feb 2017

Office Hours and Availability

When setting up your company, there are several options to help manage texts when people are not available. Here we will discuss office hours, automatic responses and available helpers.

Office Hours

With Office Hours you may allow for automatic responses to texts during certain hours that you will not be available.  In this section, you can also enable an automated message in response to any customer texts.

Customers who receive this automatic response will only receive one message during each block of after hours text even if they send multiple messages.  You should use this feature to send either an emergency contact number or simply set the expectation that they will not receive a response until the next business day.

Available Helpers

During office hours, people need to be marked as “Available” in order to receive notifications of new messages.


Admins and Dispatchers (See Staff User Roles) who are “Available” will receive notifications of all new messages from customers who are not listed as having a specific “Helper” or no Helpers for that customer are marked as available. If a customer has a specific Helper (or Helpers) and that Helper is available, then that Helper will get a notification.

If a new message comes in and no one is available, Hoptree will text the admins that a new message has come in and no one is available.