Hoptree for Financial Advisors
10 Mar 2017

Hoptree for Financial Advisors

With Hoptree 1.1, we released a major feature set was to make Hoptree available for financial advisors, a market struggling with the ability to text and manage texts.

Right now most financial advisors cannot use text messaging even though many of their clients (especially younger clients) want them to. Why? Because financial advisors’ electronic communications with their clients have to meet certain rules and their broker dealer often helps them to stay compliant to those rules. While they all have specific email systems which allow for auditing and achieving the standards required, text message systems don’t similarly exist…until Hoptree.

How do we help make it happen? Here are just some of the features we put in to help the financial advisors be compliant:

  1. We created an auditor role and set of capabilities. This type of user in Hoptree cannot send messages or edit customers but can view any message across the system.
  2. For Administrators and Auditors, keywords can be specified and Hoptree will send those roles reports of usage of any of those keywords. Keywords are private to a user, span all organizations that user is a part of, and are unable to be seen by other users.
  3. We created an enhanced search screen and results including full text message search across message streams. We have made performance enhancements to the search and a new search results screen to make it easier to find what you are looking for.
  4. Any message conversation can now be exported as a PDF for a specific time period. For a customer that has more than one contact listed, you can also export all messages from one customer’s contacts at once.

This is in addition to several features we already had which made us uniquely positioned to help financial advisors including:

  1. Hoptree provides a unique phone number for text messaging per team. This allows a financial advisor to keep their personal texts and business texts separated.
  2. Messages are not deletable. We want to ensure that messages stay in tact for any business, so messages are safe in our system.
  3. We commit to keeping messages around for at least 7 years, longer than the 3 years FINRA (in SEC rule 17a-4) requires for electronic communications to be kept around.
  4. Every text message is marked with who sent the message. So, even though this is a shared text number, if two people are sending messages to one client Hoptree will tell it’s users who sent which message. This appears in the Hoptree screens or in the PDFs exported.


There are also many other features which make Hoptree a unique and great solution for sharing a text number across a team.  Learn more about those features…

We are working with several broker dealers on their requirements for text messaging.  Let us know if you have any questions on how to use these features.