How is Hoptree Different? from Monkey Bread Technologies on Vimeo.

24 Mar 2017

How is Hoptree Different from Normal Text Messaging?

We get asked all the time – How is Hoptree Different?  So, let’s talk about some ways Hoptree is different.

Differences for a Hoptree enabled business

First, lets discuss the differences between texting with your phone and texting with Hoptree’s text messaging service.  There are four main differences:

1.  Using the Hoptree app instead of the phone’s text messaging

Your normal text messaging app provided by your phone will not be the way you send messages.  Hoptree provides ways to connect text messaging via mobile and desktop. You can either install our app (in beta right now) or connect via the browser. While you use a different app for your business texting with Hoptree, we believe you will find the experience very simple and familiar.

2.  Choosing a new phone number

Your carrier (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc) provides you with a phone number to send and receive texts over.  For Hoptree, you will select a new shared number which can be used across your team.  This is the number your customers will see texts from you and which they will send texts to for you to receive through Hoptree.

3.  Separate your Business Contacts

Hoptree maintains a set of your business contacts shared across your team since many business want to keep their business contacts separate from their personal contacts.  If you want the contacts on your phone to be the same, you can enter the contacts on your phone into Hoptree or import them easily – but the contacts in Hoptree will be shared across your team.

4. Shared Number across a Team

Finally, Hoptree allows you to share the receiving of, sending of, and responding to text messages across your team. With visibility across a team, you no longer have to worry when you are unavailable if a customer sends a message because your team can handle it.  You also don’t have to worry about your employees leaving and them being the primary way customers expect to reach you. All two way conversations can happen across a shared number.

What does a customer see?

Other than the new phone number, a customer does not notice any difference from when you are on Hoptree.  Those Hoptree messages come through to them as normal text messages.

We want you to experience two-way text messaging engagement with your client. So, hopefully they see this as improved communication that they can text you back at. We hope the new freedom of sharing a text number will help increase engagement and improve your business.