Sharing a Text Number across a Team
09 Mar 2017

Sharing a Text Number across a Team

We created Hoptree because we heard several businesses tell us how challenging it was to manage texting customers.  Customers no longer want to be called in order to schedule an appointment.  They want to be updated on when your employees will be at their house via text message.  They want to transact business with you via text.

The problem is – buying phones for your company and managing those also is difficult.  There is no easy way to get to those texts from a desktop at the office – only by getting your hands on the physical phone.

Hoptree is designed to help teams share a single phone number across a team. Here are some of the features that make this easy:

  1. Hoptree provides a new shared phone number. Each plan gets a unique phone number. This number can now be advertised to customers as the number to both expect text messages from and to text if they need to contact you.
  2. Our text messaging is available on mobile or on your desktop. No need to pull out your phone if you are working on your desktop or laptop.  Simply login via your web browser to
  3. Keep personal texts separate from your business texts. On your mobile phone, you will use a different app (our app or the browser) to message your customers keeping your personal texts separate from your business texts.
  4. Manage who gets notifications for a specific customer. We provide a way to assign customers to specific team members (staff) for any period of time.  Whether that person will handle that customer for 1 hour, 1 day, or for years – we have a simple solution to tie that customer to that employee. Read more about Helpers.
  5. Take back vacations! Hoptree makes it simple to mark yourself as unavailable, meaning that if a customer who is assigned to you texts, your team can help them while you are away. Read more about Availability.
  6. Keep communications consistent with templates.  Pre-written templates you create can make it easy to have clear and consistent communication that people understand. This is one of the best ways to help manage your brand image to your customers.  Read more about templates.


These are just some of the many features that makes Hoptree perfect for sharing a single text number across a team.  Want to find out more?  Sign up now for less than $10 a month to try it out…