Don’t miss calls on your text number!
05 Apr 2017

Don’t miss calls on your text number!

I understand Hoptree is my one text number customers text my business at – but what happens if someone calls it?

We have heard this question numerous times. Yesterday we added two features in Hoptree 1.2 that makes it easier for everyone.  First, in our text-only plans, we have made it clear when someone has called your phone number.  You now get a message that says “incoming call.”  Here is what that message looks like on our web app as well as through the new desktop notifications:


That will help you see all calls coming in on your text number.  Next, if you want to forward all these phone calls to your company phone number you can.  We have a simple add-on call forwarding plan, currently starting at $10/mo.  Because we pay per minute for forwarding the call, we have included 500 minutes with this plan.

To set up call forwarding, the administrator on your account needs to go to Settings -> Subscription.  Inside the Subscription box is a section that allows you to check Call Forwarding and put the 10-digit phone number that you will forward phone calls to.

Calls still come in as the Caller ID who calls them.  Also, you get a message that tells you that there was an Incoming Call from that customer. If they are a customer, it will come in on their conversation thread.  If not, it will show their phone number.

Between these two mechanisms – you won’t miss that there was a call on your text number!