Hoptree Messenger – installable mobile app
03 Apr 2017

Hoptree Messenger – installable mobile app

Hoptree Messenger is now available as a installable mobile application allowing every user sharing a single text number to quickly get notifications, respond to customers with text or templates, and create new text messages to customers. Here are some screenshots as well as some features of Hoptree messenger…

Customer View Template usage Conversation Thread

Hoptree Messenger includes features such as the following:

  1. Get notifications for each incoming message you should be interested in based on your role
  2. View multiple phone numbers (organizations) if you have multiple accounts with one login
  3. Create messages with or without templates to send to customers in your contact list or a number not currently in your contact list.
  4. See who on your team wrote which messages quickly
  5. Mark yourself as available or unavailable from the menu
  6. List or remove yourself as a Helper for a specific Customer
  7. Send staff text messages from your Hoptree number
  8. View staff availability
  9. View customer’s contact information, one-touch to call them quickly, and one-touch to map their address.

Hoptree Messenger is a great addition to Hoptree to help your team share a single text number.  Download it today at: