Web Notifications
10 Apr 2017

Web Notifications

The 1.2 version of Hoptree added web (browser) notifications. This allows you to enable notifications for particular websites and if a tab is open to that website, you can get notifications popping up on your desktop even if that website is in the background.

How does it work with Hoptree?  Here are some common questions that should help you configure and use web notifications.

Which browser should I use?

Here is a list of browsers that should work, although we prefer and recommend Chrome. Internet Explorer does not work but Firefox and Safari do.  Our images below will all be from Chrome.

How do I enable browser notifications?

When your browser window is open to Hoptree and you get your first incoming message, you should get asked if you will allow notifications from Hoptree.

If you click allow, a desktop notification should pop up in the upper right corner of your main screen:

What if I said block the first time by accident when asked for the notifications?

First, you have to click to the left of your URL bar.  That is where the lock icon and word “Secure” are in this image:


Next, you will see a variety of site options for our website.  Notifications will be there and set as either Allow, Ask, or Block.


Ask is normally the default, but we want it to allow notifications.


Click Always allow on this site and it should then say Allow.  These settings are on specific sites – so if you access hoptree with several accounts, you might have to set this more than once.




That’s as simple as web notifications are.  We hope you like this feature of Hoptree. As always, if you have any questions, contact us!