Batch Messaging via CSV
12 May 2017

Batch Messaging via CSV

When you have a group of people you need to send messages to, it can be daunting to switch contexts, select each conversation, and send each individual message.  We have been investigating different ways to make these interactions easier for business users to do and the first way of doing this is batch messaging via CSV.

Batch messaging via CSV is a simple way for business users to prepare a group message list in a spreadsheet that you can use in Excel or another spreadsheet.  There are two ways this can work:

  1. Have a two column spreadsheet with the first column is labeled Number and the second column is labeled Message. Andy additional columns will be ignored.
  2. Have a phone numbers spread across multiple columns labeled Mobile, Home, and Work. Optionally, you can have another named “Message” column as well.  Our service will check the numbers, Mobile, Home, and then Work, to see if they are SMS enabled and then send to the first one which is in that order.

Attached below are templates you can download for Batch messages.

BatchMessages.csv   BatchMessages multi-column

Both of these should be saved as a CSV format and then can be used to upload your list of contacts which we will send texts to.  Then, you may choose to specify a message for any number in either format which does not have a message specified in their row.  This will let you write a custom message per number

Each row would have the phone number that you are sending a message to in the first column and the message that specific customer is receiving in the second column.  This can let you customize all the messages or simply copy the same message.

In batch messaging, each message will be sent individually to the different users that you selected over a period of time.  Like everything in Hoptree, these are designed to be 1:1 messages sent to help drive two-way conversations. We are designing some more graphical ways to help you send batch messages, but for now we wanted to start with features that business users can use while we design a more intricate system.  Contact us to tell us some ways you want to use batch messaging.