For the Auto Mechanic
11 May 2017

For the Auto Mechanic

Businesses often call you when they need a simple “yes” or “no” answer. Auto mechanics are no different.  Whether they are asking if you want to go ahead with an air filter change, new brake pads, or swapping out a transmission, they often are calling to ask for confirmation.  We know the people they call are not just waiting around for that call, so how can Hoptree make things easier?

First, a text often can be used instead of a conversation when it is simple.  Text your customer and say, “This is Joe from Joe’s Auto, your air filter needs replaced. Okay to go forward with that for $24.99?”  Most customers will be thrilled with the idea of simply responding to that text.  Hoptree also keeps a record of that text should you ever need to go back to it.

Second, if an auto mechanic can provide pictures to their client it often helps people feel secure about the decision to go ahead with a repair. Our Hoptree app allows users to simply send pictures that the client can see and feel good about the decisions they are making.  “This is Joe from Joe’s Auto. Here is a picture of your air filter that needs replaced. Okay to go forward with that for $24.99?”

Third, if a call needs made, a text helps prepare the client for that call.  “This is Joe from Joe’s Auto. We need to talk about your transmission, can I call you now?”  A simple preparation text helps both people find a convenient time and place to communicate. We find that most customers are happy that they had a chance to prepare for that phone call whether that means stepping out of the conference room they are in or giving a toy to their baby to keep them happy for a few minutes.

Finally, there are many other interactions which texting can support at the auto mechanic shop.  For example, scheduling is easier over text than on the phone. When you call someone to schedule, one of you normally has to open their calendar and prepare. We find that 90% of customers will select one of two time slots you give them when offered two times over text. Both parties can asynchronously open their calendars at the most convenient times and have the simple scheduling conversation.

Auto mechanics can save time and provide better service through using Hoptree.  If you want to give it a try, several of our packages have free trials and you can upgrade any time!  Check out our pricing, starting at under $10.