Managing Property and Texts
17 May 2017

Managing Property and Texts

The first place I ever saw the real estate world was from a car seat in the corner of my Dad’s property management office. As a young child, I remember watching him handle maintenance requests and working with owners. There was always something going on, another crisis to coordinate and handle.  By the time I was 18 I was in the office as an employee not just a tag along. I scheduled and handled showings all while seeing the inner workings of the company. I can say from experience that Property Managers need to listen, understand and translate messages between all parties they deal with every day  — tenants, owners, staff and vendors.  Because of this, Property managers have  incredibly high need for clear, quick, communication, and visibility across the company to handle each moving piece.   Currently offices make do with email chains, phone calls and using personal cell phones for necessary  texting but there is a better, more efficient way — Texting with Hoptree.

The first benefit you will see with Hoptree is  how fast you can communicate. 90% of text messages get read within 3 minutes of delivery. This means that when you need confirmation from a tenant that they will be home for the repair they have requested- you can get the answer quickly. No more phone tag and ignored voicemails. Hoptree will similarly allow you to text with your maintenance venders with ease and speed. When you aren’t bogged down with extra follow up phone calls and back and forth voicemails you’ll have more time to complete the rest of the long to do list in a reasonable time frame.

The next thing you will find using hoptree is how much less you have to ask about what is going on. Hoptree allows you to share the receiving, sending, and responding to text messages across your team. What does that mean? That means whoever is on “call” can see what has been done and can pick up where someone else left off.  For example: When an owner has been working with one agent in the office and that agent goes on vacation one of the other team members can pick up right where they left off. Your agents are never left out in the dark without answers for your clients.  You will be able to provide seamless service and communication and as a result have happier clients.

Another benefit of having a texting number for the company is  not using personal phone numbers. This may not seem like a big deal until you have an agent leave and go to a competitor.  By using Hoptree, all communication with clients and tenants stays with your firm when an agent leaves. You maintain the documentation of that communication and you aren’t left in the dark about what has been going on with your clients and customers.  The further benefit to the business texting number is for your agents on call. By having tenants text a business line you can control who gets those messages on nights and weekends. The emergency requests don’t just go to whatever individual agents number the tenant happened to save in their phone. To do this all you have to do is set the on call agent to available and other agents can turn their availability to off. This can allow your agents to truly take turns with on call duty and step away for a vacation or time with family over the weekends.

Hoptree truly has the ability to transform your property management company into a well oiled machine. This one simple change can increase efficiency, improve communication and make your individual employees into a team. With easy to implement, affordable plans and free trials you can’t afford not to try Hoptree. Sign up today!