Texting for Educators
10 May 2017

Texting for Educators

Many educators (teachers, principals, professors) have seen a shift over the last few years from phone and email to text as a primary immediate communication.  When something needs communicated, educators are more often relying on the immediacy of texting. Today my wife and I were changing who was picking up one of our children and a simple text to her teacher is the preferred medium.

What was lost in email and phone was visibility and consistency.  First, education administrators (e.g. principals) have lost visibility into the back and forth communication going on between educator and student or educator and parent. We want the speed and immediacy of texting but with the resilience of email.  Second, we want the consistency of one place to go.  With email, many schools would set up a mailing list for parents to email that, in a educator’s absence, could be forwarded to a substitute or office staff.  With phones, all calls went to the office staff.  Now, with text, administrators have been cut out of being able to help when an educator is out.

There is a better way.  With Hoptree, each educator or each grade/department could share a single number. If an educator is out, a substitute could be added to that number or a member of the office staff could mark themselves as available on that Hoptree account to get any notifications. And should any issues arise, there is a 7 year log of all the conversations!

As a parent, we re-learn every year how a teacher wants us to communicate with them.  Text to this number, email for these problems, etc. We understand this to be as our schools and educators are learning how efficiently use texting as a medium. Hoptree is a great use case to help distribute texts, deal with educator absences, provide visibility to administrators, and maintain consistency for parents and students.

We offer custom quotes for handling a group of Hoptree numbers such as a school would use.  Please contact us to find out more!