Texting for Real Estate Firms
15 May 2017

Texting for Real Estate Firms

The top reasons for client dissatisfaction is slow response time followed by not being communicated with in their preferred way.

I don’t have to tell you that today, with the online home search, Home buyers or sellers are already committed to the home buying or selling process when they finally contact an agent. This means they are ready to hit the ground running. In fact, almost 50%  of buyers expect an instant response from an agent according to the California Association of Realtors. When clients don’t receive that quick service they expect, they move on to the next agent or firm. With 90% of text messages being read within the first 3 seconds of being sent, texting with Hoptree can help.

You may ask “We already have phone and email set up. why is text messaging important? ” Lets look at the research. 40% of clients want to be communicated with via text. But only 15% of your agents actually text your clients. Instead agents call 38% of the time. This wouldn’t be a problem but only 11% of your clients want to talk on the phone(California Association of Realtors) Clearly there is a disconnect.  So it should be no surprise that when clients are asked why they were disappointed with their agent the #1 reason stated was they had a slow response time followed by they weren’t communicated with in their preferred way. Texting is a fact of life, and yet it has been completely ignored by businesses as a growing necessity. Fortunately, Hoptree is here to fill in this gap.

Hoptree works as a single text messaging number for your firm. When your firm receives a text It will go to every agent you have set up to be on duty as a “dispatcher.” When texts come in for a specific agent they can be handled instantly and passed on to the correct agent. Any potential clients that are not already working with one of your agents get instant help from the agents on duty.

Hoptree also allows for oversight by each office’s BIC (Broker in Charge). They can check in and see how clients are being helped. This should result in better service and great teachable moments for your team, especially your new provisional brokers.

Velocify released a  study that found 3 text messages at the right point of time can increase sales conversions up to 328%. Leveraging the use of text messaging combined with the oversight of BICs, can help your agents convert more than three times the leads that they currently do! Adding texting via Hoptree to your firm will  make your agents happy as they will receive and retain more business.  You  will attract more clients looking for a responsive agent and firm.  That combination means more revenue for YOU.