Why texting with Hoptree works
24 May 2017

Why texting with Hoptree works

We hit a milestone with Hoptree – over 25,000 SMS messages sent! As part of our celebration, we spent some time this week reflecting on what is working for the businesses using Hoptree. Since we text with them, we often hear more from them and are able to respond quickly to any needs or questions they have.  So, what are our clients doing with Hoptree?

We have heard several stories of how productivity is way up. One client tells us their schedule is more full of appointments because 85% of first texts they send to schedule an appointment result in scheduled appointments. What used to take 3-4 phone calls to schedule is mostly handled by 2-3 texts.  This makes sense since statistics show texting having a 98% open rate, 90% in the first 3 minutes. But the average voicemail open rate is 4.8% – so your unanswered calls often are never heard.

We hear stories of people finally gaining visibility over what is being said over text.  Stories of seeing employees and their responsiveness being praised as well as the bad side of seeing employees say things they should not. Businesses are able to get better through transparency and visibility in their communications for the first time with Hoptree.  With messages not able to be deleted, the archive serves as a good representation of how an employee interacts with a customer for human resources (HR) needs.

We have a company who sends out batch messages to their customers when their order is ready. Customers are surprised they can reply and actually have someone listen instead of some automated system that forces them to pick up a phone and call to respond.

Finally, we hear successful use cases of customer praising the responsiveness and simplicity of texting. When one team was able to have several people texting their client and covering for one another, the customer asked, “are you always ready on your phone?”  We hear of customers responding to texts with “thanks for making this simple” and “thanks for keeping me up to date” as well as several other praises – people are happy to have the simple texting instead of calling.

If you are considering trying Hoptree to text instead of calling your customers as often, let us give you a demo to show you how it can help your business!