The Manager Use Case
09 May 2017

The Manager Use Case

Every time we share with someone about Hoptree, we learn of new use cases.  A popular one that has been coming up lately (especially in the realm of retail and food service) is the Manager use case.  The youngest generation of workers from ages 16-28 heavily rely on texting.  This means that employees are using text to talk to the managers consistently.

The problem occurs when that manager is sick or on vacation.  How do they get free of all the scheduling nonsense when employees are used to texting them?  Its very difficult without a shared text messaging number.

One restaurant owner I talked to tried to change the behavior of these employees.  “No matter what we tried, they eventually would get the manager’s phone number and inevitably ‘try’ texting them first.  The employees viewed this as the easiest and least confrontational way to call in sick.”  Nothing they had tried worked.

Hoptree provides a shared text number, so the managers, assistant manager, and even shift supervisors can all have a view into what texts are happening. Also, since Hoptree saves text message threads for 7 years, having an archive of these conversations are great for personnel and HR records.

Ultimately, every owner and manager wants to be able to go on vacation.  If your employees are texting you constantly, look at Hoptree for as little as $10/month to share the texts across your management team.