Batch Text Appointment Reminders
28 Jun 2017

Batch Text Appointment Reminders

One of the things our clients LOVE about Hoptree is how easy it is to send appointment reminders using our batch messaging feature. Not only is it easier and faster than making phone calls; but our system allows your customers to respond to you and adjust appointments easily if needed. Say, “farewell” to appointment scheduling phone tag!

To illustrate this, we will use the example of a salon and spa, but keep in mind that this will work for any office that schedules appointments.

Each day the salon is open, the receptionist prints off the appointments report in between welcoming customers walking in, and checking out customers who are finished. They call each customer on their list, reminding them of the appointment for the next day, or that it is time to schedule an appointment. They mostly gets sent to voicemail and leave messages. Although they’ve reminded customers of the appointment, they don’t have confirmation for the appointments. Today is also Wednesday, which is the day they send out the “we miss you” post cards. The receptionist orders more of those and sends them out for customers they have addresses for with a special promotion. (Is this sounding familiar?)

The next week the salon gets Hoptree. When the report for upcoming appointments comes out, the receptionist copies the phone numbers and the reminder message into a spreadsheet. Then they upload the file into Hoptree and send. Reminders. Done. The messages will send out to each customer individually. When a customer receives the message they can confirm, reschedule or create an appointment right there via text.

This process makes appointments more efficient for both the customer and company which results in more filled appointments and less down time. It also frees your receptionist to do the primary job they were hired to do – greet and take care of customers when they walk in the door!


    • If you have one or three numbers for a customer and know one is mobile but not sure which – you can use the multi-column template.  When using this template, Hoptree verifies which number accepts text messages and sends it to that one.
    • If you want to have a generic message like “Hello from Hoptree. We have you scheduled for an appointment at [Time:Start Time] on [Date:Appointment Date]. Please text Y for Yes, C for cancel or reply to reschedule” Here are the steps
      • You can do this in Excel. Add Your Date in a column (C for the example below) and your time in another column (D for the example below). Remember the time and date have to be formatted as text, in Excel you can do this by adding a single paren before the date/time.
      • Then we will build a simple formula in the messages column:
        • = “Hello from Hoptree. We have you scheduled for an appointment at ” &C2&”on “&D2& “. Please text Y for Yes, C for cancel or reply to reschedule.”

We know that can sound a bit complicated, so here is a Excel spreadsheet that you can see the formula.  But caution, as soon as you save it as a CSV to import it will wipe away the formula.  AggregateColumnBatchMessage.  If you decide to start with that Excel spreadsheet – make sure to go “File”->”Save As” and select the “Comma Separated Values (.csv)” file format before uploading it.