SMS Campaigns
02 Aug 2017

SMS Campaigns

SMS Campaigns are here in Hoptree. We have had batch campaigns for a while, but new to Hoptree are Campaign Groups and Campaign Messages. Here is how they work:

Campaign Groups

With Campaign Groups, you can create lists of people which you can message as a group. When Hoptree sends a group message, it will send a 1:1 message to each of the people within a group. If you have 100 people in a list, Hoptree will send 100 individual messages to each of those people. It is not like a group text and people will not see who else gets the message.

Campaign groups are a list of people from your customer contacts.  You can add those customers by typing ahead or finding them on the list and importing them.  You can also select all on a page or all customers and add them to a list.  Finally, each customer also shows a list of the Campaigns Groups they are a part of and you can add or remove them from their customer record.


To import a list of contacts, you use the same CSV file you would if you imported customers into the system.  The import process will add people to your customer list if they do not exist and add them to the list you are importing them to.

Campaign Message

There are two types of campaign messages:

  1. Group Messages –  Messages sent to a Campaign Group
  2. Batch Messages – Messages sent to individuals listed in a CSV

Group Messages are the new campaign message type.  Simply name your campaign, select a campaign group, and type your message.  Keep it under 160 characters and you can send that message to the whole group as individual 1:1 SMS messages.

Batch messaging is still available and the best for a couple of scenarios:

  1. Need an adhoc group for one message?  A batch campaign lets you make the list in a spreadsheet and upload it.
  2. Need to customize the message to each person?   Customizing each message in a spreadsheet for batch messaging is still the easiest way to do this.

Marketer Role

Since we have some customers which may want to have a different set of people sending out campaign messages than were answering incoming texts, Hoptree provided a new role called the Marketer role.  The Sending Campaign Messages and Managing Campaign Groups is the role of the Marketer.  While Dispatchers can add people to the Campaign Groups, the addition and removal of Campaign Groups are managed by the Administrator and Marketer roles.

See more on Staff Roles here.