Frequently Asked Questions

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Hoptree runs in the modern web browser.  On a Windows, Mac, or Linux machine, we prefer Chrome as a browser, but will work on Firefox, Safari, and even the newest versions of Internet Explorer.  On mobile devices, we work great in the webkit based browsers like Safari and Chrome. Yes, that means it works on a Kindle.  When released, Hoptree Messenger, our installable app, will work on iOS and Android devices.

During the initial configuration, Hoptree lets you select your own phone number starting with the area code.  You can even select the first few digits beyond the area code if there are numbers available.

In short, the answer is probably not the way you want to.  The long answer is, it depends on numerous situations. To take over the text side of your landline, we also have to take over the voice side.  This could take 2-3 weeks.

We suggest our users first get a Hoptree account with a Hoptree phone number to familiarize themselves with the product and make sure they want to convert their existing phone number into a text number.  Then, we can make the switch over for you but would have to take over the number and port it to our carrier,

You can absolutely post the number on your website, just as we have above.  We encourage it.  If you link to the phone number with a “sms:+1xxxxxxxxxx” link, you can even have a click to text experience on your website if people are looking at it on their mobile phones. Here is what that looks like:

 <a href="sms:+19192965359">919.296.5359</a>

turns into this:

Yes, we offer our plans at a low price with no commitments.  As a result, you can change your plan at any time and have it go into effect the next month.

We find that most people familiar with texting are comfortable texting with people in the first day they use Hoptree. Texting someone is a similar experience as you would have on any mobile phone, just available in the browser or in our installable app. The more difficult transition occurs on how teams choose to use the “Helpers” capabilities and coordinate the shared responsibility of a single phone number.  Learn more about Helpers in our Tips & Tricks section.

We are continually adding documentation but the best place to start is reading through our Tips & Tricks section of our website.  There we explore step by step instructions on things like how to import a customer list.

We have some videos available on our Vimeo account and within the Tips and Tricks section.

If you have problems while using Hoptree, there are two options to connect with us.

  1. If you have a quick question or feedback, we include our text number above in every account to help customers text us quickly. Just look up Monkey Bread Technologies.
  2. We have a ticketing system built into our service that allows you to create a support ticket and we will work towards a resolution of your issues.

Yes, unlike traditional SMS text messages – your phone or device will need to be connected over the internet in order to send and receive text messages.  If you are not connected, your notifications will wait until the next time you are connected and you will receive the notifications of any messages you missed at that time.

Yes, at this time all messages and responses are available to all users. We have some ideas for use cases where some people can see things that others cannot but there is no functionality in Hoptree for user roles like that at this time.  If you have a use case that needs some users to not see certain messages, please contact us because we would love to hear more!

Older conversation thread will automatically fall to the bottom of your list over time.  The best part with Hoptree is that unlike your phone, these older conversations will not take up space on your phone.  You can archive users but not their messages at this time. When loading a conversation in a window, older messages will not be loaded unless you scroll up to those messages or in the case of searching for those messages.

Hoptree at this time does not allow any messages to be deleted. Several business owners have indicated as we began that allowing messages to be deleted would hurt the visibility into what happened in conversations with the customers. Images however are hidden by default just in case.  A user may click on “Show Image” to see an image and then be able to re-hide that image.  Those messages exist should a business need to account for actions of the employees or file any legal issue against another individual.

United States law requires any entity that is sending mass or automated messages such as spam to cease sending messages if the text replies “STOP” to their messages.  If you are getting spam, please first try to reply “STOP” and see if the spam ceases.  If not, report them to us and we will gladly work with our carrier to investigate and try to cease the illegal spam.

A user is a login to Hoptree across any number of devices.  We built Hoptree so that several different people can share a single text number.  It is helpful to know who sent which messages. However, if you want to share your login credentials in order to minimize users, we have no problem with that although we would be disappointed that you are losing the transparency of “who” sent “what.”  Please consider instead requesting a custom quote from us so that we can give you a price that lets each user have their own login.

Sending and receiving photos are available both in the web browser and on the mobile app.