Text with Your Customers, Not at Them

Let us show you how to share a business text number

On Your Desktop and Mobile Devices

Two-way text with your customers wherever you are

Available Everywhere

Access on your Desktop, Tablet, or Phone. Office staff can easily use their desktop to send text messages. In the field, your team can use their mobile devices to send texts.

One Text Number to Share

A Customized Text Number

Select your very own virtual phone number or port in your own existing landline.   Either way, it is included in the cost.

Share Across a Team

Bring your employees into the conversation together by allowing them to all communicate over text with a shared message pool.

Isolate Responsibility and Manage Availability

Our sharing system allows for one or more users to be listed as the Helper for a specific customer for any time period.  This means only they get notified of new messages from the customer while they are listed as available. If they go unavailable, then new messages will go to others to help that customer.

Keep Tabs on All Communications

Message Visibility

Messages are viewable across the team as well as who sent each message.  Messages cannot be deleted for audit reasons and will be stored for at least 7 years.

Templates for Consistency

Message Templates

Create and use message templates to keep brand consistency regardless of who sends the message.

SMS Campaigns

Make an Announcement

Easy list creation

Business users are often adept at making lists in spreadsheets so we made sure it was that easy.  Create your own list and add your customers manually or simply import a spreadsheet with your customer list .  Learn more here.

Import your Lists

Many ERP systems allow customers to export a list of customers to contact.  Whether it be a doctor exporting tomorrow’s appointments or a dry cleaner exporting tomorrow’s ready-for-pickup items, these lists can often be imported directly into Hoptree.

Flexible Customer Records


Simple or Detailed Records

Customer records are easy, they just require a name (First/Last or Business) and a mobile phone number. But they are flexible enough to store the customer address, email address, and more as needed. Also, this is the place where customers are marked if they opted out of texts.

Multiple Contact Records

Underneath one customer record can be several contact records, allowing you to group contacts together logically.  When you search, individual contacts will show up in your search results but the customer record will tie the contacts together.

And many more features…

  • Enter or import an unlimited number of customers
  • Automatic opt-out processing for STOP messages
  • Allow auditors to search and archive your conversations
  • Available 24/7 – whenever you need it
  • Report weekly on keywords that you want to monitor
  • Send and Receive photos (MMS) when needed and optionally hide received photos
  • Store messages for a minimum of 7 years

With all those great features, are you ready to sign up?