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Key Talking Points

Do you have one text number for your customers to contact you?

You have one email address and one phone number they can contact you at…but what happens when they want to text with you?

Do your customers actually want you to call them?

How much time do you spend trying to get customers on the phone or leaving voicemail messages? Your customers are very comfortable texting and would, in many cases, prefer it for appointment schedules, service updates, etc.

If your employees are texting, how do you keep them from walking away with your contacts if they leave?

Customers tend to text people back who texted them. What happens if your employees are sick, on vacation, or worse yet…leave to a competitor? Do they walk away with your valuable customer contacts?

Hoptree is less than the cost of a mobile plan and lets you separate your business contacts from your personal contacts. 

Most people who have looked into similar solutions and found out quickly that most are either mass marketing texting (not driving two way conversations) or virtual phone plans per user (each person with their own number and no shared access) with texting as an add on.  Hoptree is unique and allows them to truly separate this part of their business from their personal phone while sharing that number and responsibility across people in their business.

Product Features

  • Browser access – Desktop, Tablet or mobile phone
  • Android and iPhone apps for messaging and notifications
  • Receive MMS messages from your clients
  • One custom (they choose it) number to share per account
  • Multiple account support – one user login can be sharing multiple phone numbers
  • 4 role types for each user.  Here is a short summary…
    • Administrator: Can configure the system and has every other capability Dispatcher and Auditor have.
    • Dispatcher: Gets notifications of all new messages with no Helper listed or available. Can assign helpers.  Can view, send and receive messages for any contact.  Can create customers and contacts. Can search across all threads.
    • Agent: Gets notification on all customers they are listed as a Helper on. Can assign themselves as a helper on a customer. Can view, send and receive messages for any contact.  Can create customers and contacts. Can search across all threads.
    • Auditor:  Can create keywords for weekly reports of key words or phrases.  Can only view any message thread or customer, no sending messages or creating/editing customers.
  • 7 year Message retention with active accounts
  • Unlimited number of Customers
  • Auditor Capabilities
  • 24/7 availability
  • Mobile number checking ensures numbers are text-enabled
  • Template support for consistent messaging
  • Availability support – mark yourself or employees as unavailable
  • Helper support – List specific people as the Helper for a customer and they get the messages.
  • Office hours with auto-response for after hours
  • Keywords for weekly reports of misused words across staff or customers
  • Staff texting – list staff and be able to text with them from the same number as you do customers without having them count as users
  • Support via text or mobile ticket system (built into Hoptree’s browser app)

More Helpful Selling Tips

Questions to create conversation…

1. Do you text your customers?

  • How do you text with them?
    • If personal phones, would you like to separate your business texts out? Hoptree keeps your business contacts and texts separate on your personal phone through a different app.
    • Would it help to share one number so your customers don’t see multiple numbers for your business? Hoptree lets multiple users share one phone number.
  • Who in your business texts with them?
    • If it is more than one person…
      • How do you share?  Hoptree helps you share with multiple people with visibility as to who says what.
      • What happens when someone is on vacation? Hoptree allows someone to mark themselves as unavailable so others will get the notifications and messages.
      • How do you maintain consistency in the way things are communicated? Hoptree allows you to create templates to word things well and consistently.
    • Could more of your employees participate if you had the capabilities?

2. How much time do you spend on the phone with customers?

  • Do you find yourself playing telephone tag and chasing your customers? Hoptree helps you save time and text your clients
  • How long do you sit on the phone scheduling appointments? Customers love being able to respond in their own timing and not be put on the spot.
  • What happens when a customer calls you after hours? Like a voicemail message, Hoptree lets you auto-respond to after hours texts so you don’t work all the time.

Target Markets

  • In-home or At-home services
    • Key Scenarios: Appointment scheduling, confirmation, “I’m on my way” notices, and other two-way conversations.
    • Examples
      • HVAC
      • Plumbing
      • Landscaping
      • Home delivery
  • Businesses with Order and Pick up
    • Key Scenarios: “Your Order is ready”, “Your Car is ready”, “Confirm orders”
    • Examples
      • Mechanics
      • Auto-body
      • Drycleaning
      • Bakery
      • Grocery Store order-online
  • Financial Advisors
    • Key Scenarios: Text messaging that can be audited, appointment scheduling, coordination of meetings, sharing details about transaction status
  • General Contractors/Construction
    • Key Scenarios:  Create a text number per job and give visibility for all management of that job

Need a different number of users or texts?

Customize a solution for your customers

Plan Overview

  • UsersMaximum number of users in your planUsers
  • Texts per monthTexts included in your base planTexts per month
  • Additional TextsCost per text above your plan amountAdditional Texts
  • Custom SMS NumberCustom SMS Number
  • Personal

  • $9.99

    per month

  • Users2
  • Texts per month500
  • Additional Texts$0.025
  • Custom SMS Number
  • Squad

  • $29

    per month

  • Users5
  • Texts per month1500
  • Additional Texts$0.0225
  • Custom SMS Number
  • Group

  • $59

    per month

  • Users10
  • Texts per month3200
  • Additional Texts$0.02
  • Custom SMS Number
  • Team

  • $109

    per month

  • Users20
  • Texts per month6800
  • Additional Texts$0.0175
  • Custom SMS Number
  • Company

  • $159

    per month

  • Users30
  • Texts per month11000
  • Additional Texts$0.015
  • Custom SMS Number