What’s New at Hoptree

We are so glad you are using our service. If you have any troubles, you can either submit a help ticket or text us. For your convenience, we added ourselves (Monkey Bread Technologies) as a customer in Hoptree so you can text message us whenever you have any questions.

Below are notes we include for each release to keep you updated on any changes that happen. When we release a new version of Hoptree, new features and fixes will be listed here.

Version Notes


July 31, 2017
Version 1.8
Hoptree has added many features around SMS Campaigns. You can view more about SMS Campaigns here. Campaigns allow you to send 1:1 messages to a group of people and manage several groups of people.

June 28, 2017
Version 1.7

  • Instant text notification ability for keywords individually for the Auditor/Admin roles
  • Optionally turn on instant notifications for profanity individually for the Auditor/Admin roles
  • Configure a company wide notification timer so that you can get text notifications when a thread hasn’t been responded to
  • Staff receive a web notification / push notification when they are assigned or removed as a helper for a customer

In addition, we made several bug fixes and minor enhancements to both the mobile application and the web applications.

June 5, 2017
Version 1.6

Added support for sending images within the mobile browser view. You can now send images in the conversation view to customers or staff. Image sizes are limited to about 1 MB.

May 28, 2017
Version 1.5

Updated support for Batch Messaging via CSV. You can now set a common message in the UI and use spreadsheets which include multiple columns of phone numbers labeled Mobile, Home, and Work. Full Details are written here.

May 12, 2017
Version 1.4

Added support for Batch Messaging via CSV. Read more about that here. Several bug fixes including some push notification and unread message calculation fixes.

April 25, 2017
Version 1.3

Updated Hoptree app and backend services with bug fixes and one major new feature. Included in this is the ability to send photos from your mobile app to your customers. So, if you have use cases where sending a photo to a customer makes sense (broken part, completed job, etc), please use the mobile app to send photos!

April 4, 2017
Version 1.2

This version included several new features:

  • Incoming Call notifications
    • If you receive a phone call on your text number, a message will show up labeled as “Incoming Call”
  • Call forwarding add-on
    • While Hoptree is designed to be your “One Text Number” – we realize some customers may attempt to call you if you text them.  You can forward those calls to a phone number now.
    • If you are an administrator, you may setup call forwarding in the Settings->Subscription area.
  • Browser Notifications
    • If you are using browsers with built in notification support, e.g. Chrome, and you have a tab open to Hoptree and have accepted notifications, you can get notifications on your desktop for new Hoptree messages.
    • The browser window does not need to be in view in order to see the notifications.
  • Refresh needed
    • When we push a new version of Hoptree out and you have an existing window open, we will now give you a notification at the bottom of the screen saying you need to refresh Hoptree.  We suggest holding down the shift key and clicking refresh when this is seen.

This was in addition to several bug fixes and minor enhancements including a refresh of the iPhone and Android apps.

March 29, 2017
Just as we promised, an iPhone App is now available.  Remember to rate us 5 stars!


March 28, 2017
An Android App is now available! Don’t worry Apple users, we are under review for the App Store as well and hope to have it available soon.

March 6, 2017
Version 1.1

  • Keyword flagging and weekly usage report
    • For Administrators and Auditors, keywords can be specified and Hoptree will send those roles reports of usage of any of those keywords
    • Keywords are private to a user and unable to be seen by other users
  • Enhanced search screen and results including
    • Full text message search
    • Independent search results tabs (Customers, Staff, Messages)
    • Performance enhancements
  • Auditor Role and Capabilities
    • Allowing a user type that cannot send messages or edit customers, but view any message across the system.
  • Export conversations as PDF
    • Specify a date range for the conversations
    • Export all messages for a contact at once
  • Dashboard filter for 24 hour view
    • Toggle a view of the dashboard to only see the past 24 hours
  • Various bug fixes and performance enhancements.

February 11, 2017
Version 1.0

  • Initial version of Hoptree
  • Helpers, Conversations, Availability, and many other features included.