Is Hoptree the Text Solution for you?

Common Questions and Use Cases

Hoptree provides a single text number that you can share amongst a team. Unlike other solutions, Hoptree is built for sharing a single text number. So, whether you have a team of 10 people sharing one number or one person using multiple numbers, Hoptree increases visibility, streamlines communication and enhances customer relations.

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Hoptree Use Cases

In-home & at-home services

Hoptree helps businesses that provide at-home and in-home services coordinate with their customers. Whether you are scheduling appointments, sending notifications that you are on your way, providing quotes, or answering questions – two-way conversations are a valuable part of your business. Hoptree helps you have those two-way conversations over text.

Hoptree works great for businesses like:

Contractors Plumbers Florists
Electricians Landscaper Dry Cleaners
HVAC Housecleaning Home Delivery

Drop-off, order-ahead, & pickup businesses

Hoptree helps businesses that provide drop-off, order-ahead & pickup services to coordinate with their customers. Taking orders, sending order-ready notifications, coordinating payment, or answering questions – your customers don’t want you to call them to give them an update. Hoptree helps you have those two-way conversations over text instead.

Hoptree works great for businesses like:

Bakeries Restaurants Auto body
Florists Veterinarians Dry Cleaners
Mechanics Grocery Stores Repair Shops

Customer Representatives

When your business is maintaining a 1-to-1 relationship with a customer, it sometimes is impossible to ever get a vacation. Use Hoptree to text your clients and provide access to others while you’re out of the office. Your colleagues can use Hoptree to interact with your customers that text while you’re out. Hoptree helps provide peace of mind to those managing 1-to-1 client relationships while they are sick or on vacation.

Hoptree works great for businesses like:

Real Estate Agents Personal Trainers Insurance Agents
Financial Advisors General Contractors Hair Salons
Accountants Account Managers Travel Agents

Is Hoptree Right For Your Business?

Do your customers actually want you to call them?

How much time do you spend trying to get customers on the phone or leaving voicemail messages? Your customers are very comfortable texting and would, in many cases, prefer it for appointment schedules, service updates, etc.

Do you have one text number for your customers to contact you?

You probably have one email address and one phone number they can use to contact you. What happens when they want to text with you? Hoptree provides one text number for your customers to connect with you.

Are you able to share your text numbers with others in your business?

If you have a text number, it probably is a personal phone. How can you share that number so when you are sick or on vacation others can pick up the work?

Do you have visibility into what your employees are texting your customers?

If you have given your employees phones to text your clients or allow them to text from their personal phones – how do you maintain visibility into what they are saying to your customers?

Does Hoptree sound like what your business needs?